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Mountain bike technology has evolved rapidly over the years. Perhaps more so than any other style of cycling... With better suspensions, geometry and components, mountain bikes can open up an entirely new world of cycling. The best part, is that Texas offers up some of the best off-road riding in the nation.

Our Dirt Package includes a high quality Giant mountain bike, as well as all of the gear you'll need, at a discounted...


Cycling isn't always about going the fastest. It's not always a race. For us, cycling is equal parts freedom and joy, that's why we love city bikes. They're just fun to ride!

Our buyers have put together a fantastic package, featuring two of our best selling commuter bikes, as well as all the lights, locks and gear you'll need to explore your town.

The Commuter Package includes the following, carefully curated...


Our Road Package offers substantial savings on a new bike, and is ideal for anyone planning to conquer the BP MS150 this year, or anyone looking to get into the Texas road cycling scene.

The package includes the following, carefully curated products:

  • Giant Contend 3 or LIV Avail 3 road bike
  • Custom Bicycle World...

The Cervelo S3 Disc, may just be the tipping point in the disc brake vs. rim brake debate. It's an aerodynamic road bike that's lighter, stiffer, and faster than its rim braked predecessor.

That's incredible.

Not only do you get the increased stopping power and security of disc brakes, you no longer have to pay a penalty for...


For years, quality women's cycling apparel existed on the periphery of the market. It was something manufacturers could never seem to focus on. The promise of an untapped customer base, just out of reach. But who would be brave enough to go after it?

We heard all the rumors. We searched the entire internet for a supplier of women's clothing that was big enough to work for our brick and mortar locations, yet stylish enough to actually...


You may not remember this, but the Scott Foil made quite a splash at last years Paris-Roubaix, snagging victory by half a bike length to become the first “aero” road bike to win the prestigious one-day classic.

It was an important moment.

The common belief was that an aero bike would be too unforgiving, too stiff, too aggressive to handle the cobbled farm roads that comprise the Paris-Roubaix course. And If we’re being honest, we...


At Bicycle World, we believe that grass-roots involvement is paramount to our success. A healthy endurance sports community enables us to sell more bikes, and the more bikes there are in the world, the happier people will be. To that end, we're proud to sponsor a large number of athletes, groups and causes that help to grow the sport we love. From our own...


A small photo recap of yesterdays Wrangle in Warda, the second of five races in the Interscholastic Texas Mountain Bike League series. This organization is doing amazing things to promote youth development, and grow cycling in Texas. If you'd like to volunteer, follow...


Say you want a new bike. Something shiny and new. A no excuses, costs more than your first car, rocket ship. Problem is, your significant other isn’t signing off on anything until you get rid of your current ride.

Well… You’ve got a few options.


Put your bike up on craiglist, entertain low ball offers, meet random people in parking lots while they quiz you about every blemish on your bike as if...


What can you say about the Cervelo P3? If you’re reading this, no doubt you’re familiar with its place at the top of the tri-bike bell curve. The P3 is ubiquitous in the multi-sport world. It’s the benchmark... Not the fanciest, nor the lightest, yet certainly one of the best.

Triathlon is a heavily marketed sport and tri-bikes,...


While you probably know that Scott makes one heck of a bicycle, you may not be aware of Scott’s high quality in-line helmets, clothing and shoes. We’ve been receiving many of these items lately, and thought that we’d highlight one of the best selling products in their line up, the $130.00 Road Comp Boa. Our customers purchase the heck out of this shoe for many reasons. Namely, the fact that you can get a BOA closure system for $130. We love...


There’s this special little loop that heads southeast from Austin, and covers the 70ish miles to Lockhart and back. It’s too gnarly for my 23c tire road bike. There’s too much gravel. Too many loose dogs that chase you down the carpet bombed roads. It always too hot. Too cold. Too windy.

Too everything.

Every time my little group of friends ride it, we stop halfway to eat too much Black’s BBQ.

These are the rides that the...

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  • WACO
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  • 300 S. Lamar
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