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Bike Fit


Our Fit Philosophy

At Bicycle World, our Philosophy is to focus attention on each rider and their individual needs when it comes to obtaining a more comfortable, powerful, efficient and aerodynamic position. Whether you’re getting ready for your first ride, or trying to set a new personal record, we have the education, understanding, and necessary equipment to help get you there.

Due to the demand for this service, we recommend you schedule your fit a week in advance.

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Fitting Terms Defined



Sizing is the first step to finding the correct fitting bicycle. This involves the process of taking body measurements, so that we can accurately translate those numbers into the appropriate frame size. At Bicycle World, this is the first step to finding the perfect bike. It's always best to wear athletic or cycling attire for a sizing. There is no fee or appointment necessary to get sized for a bike, you can simply walk in and ask for our service. And of course, we keep measurements on file for future reference if you're not quite ready to purchase.



Fitting is the process of actively positioning an individual to an existing or new bicycle. The process is designed around individual anatomical and mechanical standards to aid in comfort, adequate weight distribution, injury prevention, and absolute power for performance. Every cyclist should have a fit. This process ensures you are safe and comfortable.

Fitting a bicycle at Bicycle World occurs in 2 forms


Test Ride Fit

This is a fit performed for a new bike purchase; when an individual is interested in experiencing the new bike’s relative ride quality. There is no fee associated with the test ride fit. Often, the major details of a full basic fit are addressed, but may require further attention to detail to correct any “stock” component that limits total comfort or accurate fitting.


Basic Fit

The goal is to place each customer in a comfortable and bio-mechanically efficient position. This is achieved by taking specific body measurements and aligning the skeletal structure to better support the rider with consideration to the individual’s flexibility, neutral pedal alignment, optimal saddle height, saddle fore and aft, saddle to handlebar drop, and aerobar length and width. This service is typically performed for a cyclist on their existing bicycle. The price is dependent on the length of time and amount of adjustment needed. Additionally, this level of fit is provided for all individuals who purchase a bike from Bicycle World bicycles at no cost (within the first year of purchase).

Fit Stand


Bicycle World's Fit Specialists: Now, with more than 25 years of combined professional bicycle fitting and positioning experience, two degrees in sports performance, two trained USAT certified coaches, hours of wind tunnel testing, and hundreds of successful bicycle fits to their credit, Bicycle World is more than ever a leading resource for bicycle fitting and positioning for Texas’ cyclists and triathletes.