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"Make sure you know how to grab water bottles off your bike frame so that you can drink during the race while cycling. It's going to be a HOT day, which means you really need to stay on top of hydration in order to feel good and have a great race."

What's been your favorite part of training so far? Y'all ready to take on #TriWaco???

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"For a lot of people, the hardest part about a triathlon is getting off the bike portion and then running. That's why it's important to add brick sessions (a bike ride immediately followed by a short run) to your training plan so that your legs know what to do come race day."

What's been the toughest part of training for YOU so far? Let us know in the comments.


Memorial Day weekend was another weekend of great racing for the Bicycle World Racing Team. Twelve racing team athletes showed up at Auditorium Shores in downtown Austin for the CapTex Tri and endured the scorching temps to score some amazing finishes.

Coach and pro triathlete Paul “Barny” Matthews was first across the finish line, and team manager and pro triathlete Natasha Van der Merwe was the first female finisher. Carly Conrad...


"Know how much to drink on race day based on your sweat loss. This is vitally important if you want to race well in the Texas heat. Simply weigh yourself before an hour bike or run then weigh yourself after. If you drink any water during the hour, add that to the final total. Once you weigh yourself after the workout, per pound lost = 16 oz. of water per hour that you should drink on race day."

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"Always take two pairs of goggles on race day. If one pair breaks, you'll have a backup. It's also good etiquette to lend a fellow racer a hand if they forget theirs, which always happens. I saw this happen at a race before, and it was awesome that so many people want to and are prepared to help!" -- Chris Reynolds

We're getting closer to race day!!! Are y'all as excited as we are?? We've still got plenty of room, so if you haven't...


The Rookie Tri last weekend blasted off the local triathlon season, and what a great day of racing, camaraderie and fun!

Eleven of the 15 Bicycle World Racing Team athletes showed up at Walter E. Long Memorial Park for the 300-meter swim, 11-mile bike ride and 2-mile run. The weather was perfect. The spectators...


This week's tip is a good reminder from Todd Sapio about WHY we compete in triathlons and other races -- for ourselves, not everyone else!

"Don't race anyone. You are there to find your own best potential. You'll always win if you're honest with yourself and give everything you have on that day."

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This week's tip is from CP Ross: "Take time to review the race maps. Drive the bike and run course prior to the race (if possible). Know where you'll be entering and exiting the water, as well as transition areas. Knowing these little details will give you a leg up during the race, but will also help calm the pre-race jitters."

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